Kevin David – Biography

DJ and Music producer Kevin David,  began his career at a very young age, starting with

the Piano as his first main instrument.  His natural ability to play without reading music was quite a conflict for his instructors who insisted he stick to the classic training and he somehow managed to excel using his gift and his training.  Attending a Montessori School with a focus in Music education, his quick ability to capture music and define his sound has already begun.  He entertained family and friends with his impromptu Rap skills and very shortly thereafter began to

expand his skills setting his sights on electronic beats and sounds.  EDM, or electronic Dance Music as it became known, was the perfect fit for him and his production abilities surpassed any ordinary teenager as he was mixing, mastering and producing at a very high level early on.


The bond between he and DSDS winner Aneta Sablik, his  childhood sweetheart,  only strengthened his career options. As he was able to produce music her project as well, under the direct mentoring of German producer Ivo Moring (Sarah Conner, DJ Otizi, Cazzette) , and placed various songs on credible projects Universal, Sony and Deag Music groups.


His swift and soulful groove is something that caught the ear of music exec, Cesar Lores, who was spearheading the new single release of Terri B!, (Avicii, Cazzette,), and he insisted “humbly as he put it” to please use Kevin David vs. Quantum Beatz mix and the rest is history.  Signing records to Planet Punk, a successful independent german dance label and with Sony worldwide taking his music on board, the world is his playground.  The good looking, charming, kind and thoughtful producer not only packs a dance floor, but he can also create the music that people want to hear.   For Kevin David, the sky is the limit.